Projects and Repos

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I am in the process of porting a dozen or so repos from BitBucket to GitHub:

  • John’s Frontend
    • An Angular 2 / TypeScript template, intended as a starting point for web user interfaces commonly used in analytics, data and NLP projects (search interface, annotated documents, dashboards, simple forms…).
  • John’s Cloud
    • Useful CloudFormation templates and devops scripts
    • Documentation
  • Skeleton
    • A basic template for Python projects
  • PyCheatsheets
    • Python Cheatsheets and Code Snippets
  • html5_template
    • Basic HTML5 template
  • DataStructures
    • Basic data structures in C#
    • Modernization to C# 7.0 in progress
  • SimpleFileDeduplication
    • Demo that traverses a large directory structure as fast as possible and reports duplicate files (files with the same content). Illustrates hashing, lazy evaluation of generators, Streams, Bloom filter, lock-free multi-threaded programming, and asynchronous interleaving.
  • LRUcache
    • Sample implementation of a LRU cache and excuse to test C# 7.0’s newest features
  • This Blog